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Wild Date’s Blog Strategy Increases Organic Traffic by 519% in the Indian market

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Wild Date

The Brand

Wild Date was conceived in a small kitchen in Chennai, where the founder Siddarth was raised, and is the brainchild of a love for delicious yet clean eating. His mother’s tasty, nutritious cooking harbored his love for food and made him a curious and avid foodie.

The Challenge

When Wild Date started out, the snacking industry was highly competitive, with many established players dominating the market. Wild Date faced several challenges, including limited resources, a lack of brand recognition, and a highly fragmented market.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to expand the guides and articles about healthy snacking, vegan snacking, and also some kind of fun snacking ideas. Our aim was to boost potential customer attraction, spread brand awareness, build the E-E-A-T of the site and external authority. We would do this by increasing the organic visibility of non-brand, informational, educational and inspirational terms.

To do this we created a blog content calendar of 4 relevant blog articles per month targeting mainly research, awareness and post-conversion stages of the marketing funnel. This would support our SEO strategy around the product categories and subcategories both with the highest SEO opportunity and business priority.

We created our SEO blog content strategy based on:

  • Wild Date’s product range and most demanded categories.
  • Product attributes: Healthy and Delicious snacking, and Vegan snacking.
  • SEO opportunity (total monthly search volume in India of keywords and organic competition).
  • Relevance to the customer journey.

We focused our efforts on the following keyword clusters to decide the most valuable content pillars and topics:

  • Wild Date education, with a particular focus on the aspects to consider when evaluating its need and health benefits.
  • We also showed in a gifting type of product.
  • Targeted multiple sectors such as health, fitness, gamers, streamers, and etc.

The Results

Increase in Impressions: 162%

Increase in Traffic: 519%

Increase in keywords ranking in the top 10: 700%

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