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Glow Jewels Blog Strategy Increases Keyword Ranking for them as a New Brand

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The Brand

Glow is a handcrafted diamond jewellery brand that focuses on providing the highest quality at the best prices by cutting the middleman and offering ethically chosen diamonds.

The Challenge

Our greatest challenge with Glow was our approach to keyword research. Keyword research allows us to identify content opportunities, however, our strategy was to ensure we identified great opportunities and hit the touchpoints that would work in this market.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to expand the guides and articles about all types of rings that people usually buy over the different stages of a relationship (particularly engagement and wedding rings), and topics around diamond jewellery gifting and care. Our aim was to boost potential customer attraction, spread brand awareness in India, build the E-E-A-T of the site and external authority. We would do this by increasing the organic visibility of non-brand, informational, educational and inspirational terms.

To do this we created a blog content calendar of 1 relevant blog article per month that I know is quite less but the brand wanted to see some traction before they invest more to this. But the growth change the mind of the client and has started with 4 blogs a month.

We created our SEO blog content strategy based on:

  • Glow’s product range and most demanded categories and subcategories.
  • Product attributes: metals, colours, diamond shapes, precious gems, and more.
  • SEO opportunity (total monthly search volume in India of keywords and organic competition).
  • Relevance to the customer journey.

We focused our efforts on the following keyword clusters to decide the most valuable content pillars and topics:

  • Diamond jewellery education, with a particular focus on the aspects to consider when evaluating its quality and value (The “4 Cs”: carat, cut, clarity and colour).
  • Ring types for every stage of a relationship, with a particular focus on engagement, wedding and partner rings.
  • Jewellery meaning, as an important factor for potential customers to choose the right piece for a gift, proposal or wedding.
  • Diamond jewellery cleaning and care expert advice.
  • Engagement and wedding inspiration.

The Results

Increase in Traffic from 0 to 180

Increase in Ranking of the Top 10 keywords from 0 to  169 keywords

Glow Organic Traffic
Glow Keyword Ranking